1. To promote creative writing in English in particular.

2. To strengthen the cultural ties which bind India with other countries through:

·  Inviting Creative writers and poets of other countries with a provision of writer-in-residence type Fellowship.

·  Organizing A.R.A.W.LII. Festival:

a congregation of poets and creative writers for 3 to 5 days in Ajmer itself. It will include apart from Poets’ Meet, Conferences/Symposia and Poetry Workshops as well especially for postgraduate students of local colleges. 

·  Publication of Books:

collections of poems, plays/monographs devoted to creative writing and a poetry journal called Prosopisia. 

3. To undertake interpretation, publication and propagation of creational literature being written in the various parts of the globe.

4. To help maintain acceptable standards of creative writing as prevalent among the contemporary writers of the world.

5. To plan for the award of fellowships, Awards/Prizes and Subsidies for creative writers in the field of literature & journalism.

6. To engage in such other activities as would promote the objectives of the Academy.